Global Warming, Human Impact and Implications:

People often Debate rather Global warming is a natural cycle, or if it is man made.

    I believe the answer is that it is a natural cycle that planetary bodies "like ours" go through, so in the one sense, its occurrence is in fact inevitable. Like a lot of people I don't think we are really going to destroy our planet, I believe it was here long before us... and, barring anything MUCH more powerful than us intervening (being sucked into some as yet undiscovered form of spontaneous black hole comes to mind), will be here Long after we have been destroyed or forced to flee to some as yet undiscovered planet of refuge to escape some future hostile atmosphere or ecosystem or threat.

    But then again, what do I care if the planet still exists, if its reduced to nothing but a floating, Lifeless rock floating in space. Will the planet survive Global warming... absolutely. So the question then is... Have Humans caused global warming or contributed to speeding it up or making it worse than the normal cycle would have been on its own(?), and if so, will OUR species survive?

    That one is a LOT less certain to a lot of people but I do believe that CO2 levels and pollution seem to contribute the same types of catalytic atmospheric conditions as those that actually DRIVE the natural planetary warming cycles, so I think it would be wise to assume those things will likely speed up the arrival of such a cycle, and may very well allow it to become more extreme than it ever would have without human involvement.
    Personally when I observe the impact we as a species have had on the planet, I don't wonder IF we have contributed to the coming impact of global warming, but How MUCH. Maybe our species will be able to survive the effects, and maybe not. that part is untested and unknown. All I do know is that the more we are willing to harm the very thing we all depend on most, the less likely our chances will be... and actually I am fine with THAT as well... we get what we sow, and I try to refrain from shirking responsibility for my actions so I am willing to suffer the consequences of them... and I feel the same for our species in general.

    Then again, killing the planet isn't what I fear most will destroy us as a species. As sure as other planets exist, there is a chance we might inhabit one... so the planet is not purely a requirement for the existence of our kind. We have learned we CAN go into space and survive, and that there are other planets we can learn about and maybe thrive on someday if the technology develops enough to overcome the obstacles in our way, and I don't think those obstacles are insurmountable at all... but generally speaking, the planet is NOT, in my opinion, what the Human race depends on most to survive.

    I feel that all too often we as a species feel separate or somehow isolated above all the species and organisms that make up our ecosystem ON this planet. I don't think we appreciate the fact that the "lesser" organisms we control and manipulate as we see fit to reshape this world of ours to "suit us" are all, ourselves included, parts of one greater organism. All these parts are interdependent on each other both for their own survival AND the health and well being of the greater organism we call the ecosystem... or "Life".

    This organism called life is rare and special... far more so than ANY planet, ANY single species... for all we know it represents the GREATEST achievement of collective consciousness we have ever witnessed in ALL of creation. Within it... we are nothing but the equivalent of tiny cells, insignificant alone but made important by their presence as part of a system even bigger and greater and more capable than themselves. Just Like our cells cannot survive this planet outside our bodies, yet inside them, as part of the whole, they can exist... so to would it be impossible for us to survive very Long outside the "body" that is our ecosystem as well.

     Within this organism, we have achieved the place of dominate species for the amount of change we can cause within the ecosystem by not only adapting to survive within it, but also by altering it for the benefit or detriment of ourselves and all the other species. we are very much like the nervous system of the organism we call the ecosystem. As such our species has a unique responsibility to tend to the care of and improvement and steady evolution of the ecosystem as whole... and in return the ecosystem nourishes us in every way. From the food we eat and water we drink right down to the material we are made from and the very air we breathe... The microscopic organisms inside us that help us digest our food all the way up to the larger organisms we call food and need hel to digest... we need the ecosystem to survive.

    That's why in the christian bible Noah built the ark... Because the story writer KNEW that for one man, or one family to ensure the survival of our species from certain cataclysm... that that person or family would have to rescue EVERY known species to make doing so possible.

    THAT'S the REAL risk involvement when weighing our impact on the "planet", is how much worse are we going to make things for the ecosystem... that "Organism' called "Life" of which we are all only but a small but important part of.

    Should we continue polluting, burning fossil fuels, cutting forests, hunting species into extinction and poisoning them with our harmful and unnecessary wasteful runoff...  The whole ecosystem... all life that we have ever discovered to have existed, will be gone... and its destruction will be OUR legacy. 
    I am afraid we have gotten so good at Manipulating the ecosystem to make things safer for ourselves that we forget we are only able to do so in order for US to make things safer and healthy for the ECOSYSTEM. We forget that it is the thing we need most. We see our power over this world as an entitlement, when in fact it is a dire responsibility... and as a result we have consistently failed to pay any mind to the job at hand.
    Now the ecosystem is sick and all ready dieing... and with it goes our whole world... and its running out of time, if its not too late all ready, for us to figure it out and live up to our responsibility as the dominate, most effective AND affected species on the planet and more importantly, within the macro organism of all known species and Life itself.

    Will the cycle of global warming be the cause of our destruction??? probably not. BUT when added on TOP of all the environmental and ecological tragedies we have caused and continue to cause senselessly on an ongoing basis... The decimation of our forestland and wetlands, the steady pollution of our air, water supply, and the very soil we grow our crops in, and the constant mass extinction events we keep causing either through pollution or outright hunting to extinction for sport and destroying habitats for convenience... On top of everything else... it may well be the catalytic "straw that broke the camels back"... and if it doesn't result in the death of all life... it will contribute to life's weakened state for the very next crisis that presents itself to finish the job.

    I struggle with knowing if we have pushed to far all ready... if it is possible to save Life from the harm we caused, even if we all start right this moment and gave it all we had... and to be honest... there is no way to know but this: We are still here... right HERE... right NOW. There is no other place... and there is no other time to act but the one we are in. Toward the end it may prove to be fools hope... but as long as life breathes on this planet, I have to believe there is hope... and that to me makes it worth trying... and THAT makes life worth living.

    AT least... that's MY opinion... in a nutshell anyway... lol ;-)

Jason A. Dennison (J.D.)

Jason A. Dennison (J.D.)
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