some thoughts on a healthy diet concerning meat

Meat is an essential part of a healthy diversified diet. I've heard it said that you wouldn't drag a beheaded cow or chicken into church, so why would you put it into your body... because your body is a temple. To that I say name me a southern church that has never had fried chicken. Granted you don't drag it into the service itself, there they just cannibalize the "Body" of Christ (in most christian churches anyway)... but they have Luncheons all the time... and there's nothing wrong with a hamburger or a good ole piece of fried chicken at church. 
    My point is it isn't the meat that's bad... but the overly processed and preserved Fast food Junk and the quantities people often eat is whats unhealthy. Eat your taco's or white castle from time to time my friend... that's not the Harm... but there's no need for 17 taco's or 20 burgers.
    The food isn't the problem near as much as the quantities. Remember for every ounce of meat... you should also have an ounce of fruit. and ounce of vegetables or grains. meat should be 1/3 of a healthy meal... not all of it. 
    That said... we all backslide and eat more than we should from time to time... but cut back on it. problem now is the extreme quantities of meat, and its not necessarily good to replace one extreme with another... like say going on an all vegetarian diet. And by the way... the body may or may not be a temple... but it is most DEFINITELY a work engine. Fuel it... but run the tank dry from time to time before you fill it back up... so the "Old gas" don't deteriorate in the fuel system and damage it. 
    Then again... more active you are at burning through that fuel... the less significant the TYPE of fuel becomes also. Anyway... that's my thoughts on the matter.

The Tradition of the Staff v.s. Store-Bought Trekking Poles

    There is a traditional ceremonial method to the manner in which I pick out my personal Staff each spring which i will then use for support and protection when hiking... which will then be used for the remainder of each year.
     Every year... I have a tradition of harvesting a single hardwood Staff from my home woods (either maple, black locust, or hickory, hickory preferred) from a single straight adolescent sapling. 
    I cut it flat on the bottom "big end" and put either a point (or if I find the right sapling a fork is turned into 2 points, better to pin snakes to the ground if necessary) at the other. Then I flip it over so the fat end is the top side usually because it balances better that way, and I always cut it the same Length as my own height.
    It is quiet the arduous journey every spring (coming up on that time again now... actually I'm Late this year) and each year I find I have to go deeper into the woods to find the right one... but it is ceremonial and much of the tradition is based on practicality. the rest is just based on my own version of ancient tribal mysticism I guess which has been passed down to and modified by me.
    My staff MUST be the right size in length and thickness, It MUST come from a stand of young trees which has many similarly aged saplings of the same size nearby to be left alone for the health of the species in the woods... and not only must I Like the one I choose... but I MUST have that "meant to be" feeling about it when I see it from a distance, so that I walk RIGHT to it. 
    Then I ask "The woods" for permission... and regardless what time of day I find it... I find more and more that I prefer to cut the sapling at sunset. If I have to wait... I will wait. If I have to trek out in the dark... I will. (this is why I also prefer do this when the moon is either full or nearly full, and the weather is supposed to be clear... all the better for the ceremony AND for finding my way back out.)
    After its cut... I say a prayer for its soul... commending it back to nature after a years service and thanking it for its service in advance. 
    Then I have a tradition of burning the scrap material (cut off twigs leaves and branches) and if there are any left over larger sections of trunk I carry them out also for later carving projects.  
    Granted all that isn't necessarily necessary for every one just to cut a hiking staff... but that's what I use when i go hiking in the woods, and that's how I obtain it each year. 
    My staff will be my main source of support and personal defense as well as a primary tool for the entire year. It is so important to me... that I feel it deserves its reverence... and thats the reason for all the ceromony and respect i give to the entire process. 
    Each year that staff becomes a fixed part of my identity and a link to my past that I can hold on to in the most literal of ways. Sometimes I debark my staff... but lately I don't debark anything but a comfy hand grip... and I leave as much bark as I can. I believe this helps extend the life of the staff further into the winter months before it seasons enough to begin to weaken... as they all will untreated.
    I don't treat or seal mine with any kind of chemicals or paints or anything, though i often will add carved symbols, designs, and or decorations which have a personal or religious meaning to me. the reason i don't seal it though is because I prefer to treat it like a living thing... often as part of my ceremonial ritual i will even give it a name... and like all living things it SHOULD be able to breath in my opinion. 
    Anyway... there's a little insight into my life and beliefs that is historically reserved as private and privileged information. As far as store-bought trekking poles go though... no. I have never used one (or two) of those, though I have considered it. They look nice I guess but they just aren't my style... I just could never have as much reverence for something so easy to come by as something i just ran to the nearest sporting goods department and threw some cash at... besides... I never have cash to spare for such things anyway.
    Besides...if there is an inherent flaw with those shorter style trekking poles versus a staff... it has to be going DOWN hills I think. I find the extra length of my staff far superior for reaching down the slope to brace myself against, and that also leaves enough length that I'm less likely to fall onto and impale myself on my own pole. Just one more thing to consider as a virtue of doing it yourself and using a single longer nature-sourced Staff versus store-bought shorter dual Trekking poles.

"Depression is a prison where you are both the suffering prisoner and the cruel jailer."

The title of this one is actually a quote from the statement, made by a friend of mine, on a social media website, and what follows is a slightly lengthened and revised (for clarity in this different format without the typically surrounding comments within a thread common in such postings on such types of sites) version of my response to that statement.:

    In regards to depression remember... its an illness above all else. I have carried that illness myself  for years so what i am about to say is coming from hard won experiences gained from the times in my life when i was consumed by depression to the point of self destruction, and beyond, and i have so far been fortunate to be alive today because of what those experiences have taught me. 
    Depression is NOT true emotion, but inflicted. Not inflicted necessarily by others or external sources... but by the afflicted's own past and the nature of the disease itself. Remembering THAT helps me fight against it. 
    The best advice i have gained to pass on when dealing with depression is to give a bad mood its due... and to treat it as a cycle i have to go through... but when enough is enough... get ACTIVE... be SOCIAL. Force yourself through the motions at first if need be... but activity and social interactions WILL over time turn that mood back around... and you can get back to being "Yourself" again. 
    Its a hard cruel process... but this has worked better for me than ANY pharmaceutical or psychiatric treatment ever could for me. especially psychiatric treatment. Talking about depression, while maybe a slight relief at first... eventually only serves to give it too much presence in your life... which in my experience worsens the inevitable experience of it. 
    Since it PRESENTS itself to your mind LIKE an emotion does... you must process it in a very similar way as any other emotion... Like Joy for example. Joy is wonderful. when we have cause to be joyous... we are free to stay in that emotion... but if there is no cause... and the circumstances aren't right for that emotion, like at the scene of a crisis for example... then at THOSE times we recognize that joy would be out of place in that environment, so we switch to a more beneficial emotion to the situation at hand. Depression is no different... except that it will actually FIGHT you and try to linger LONG past its due time if allowed to do so, and the resulting effect on your mood and your life in general is always negative... and unlike any true emotion... anti-survivalistic.  
    Sometimes you have to be pro-active to put yourself in the RIGHT circumstances and frame of mind to release that emotion. But if you close up... hide in your room... remove yourself from any cause for any other emotion... depression will take over. and in fact when that happens... the depression all ready HAS taken over. Thats exactly the controlling influence of the disease itself at work fighting as hard as it can to do nothing less than to KILL you. I say its not a true emotion because when this happens... it persists even into circumstances that don't call for it to your detriment. That is where it crosses the line into being an illness. 
     Emotions are there because they benefit our survival. Depression lessens our survival potential. It makes us freeze up when we should act... and act out when we should relax. 
    Obviously I have a lot of experience in this area... about 26 years worth of effects, observation, trial and error since I first undeniably started noticing severe symptoms around the age of nine or ten... but I've been fortunate enough to survive myself so far. and at the end of the day that's the trick isn't it? to survive LONG enough to feel something ELSE that's so much more worth the effort? I think that's the trick anyway... even though there is almost no trick to it. 
    Only secret to my survival so far has been to focus on being AWARE of my illness and to observe its effects knowingly and as calmly as possible. I try my best to NEVER act on my emotions when I am under the influence of depression... and to only act on my TRUE emotions. The only real trick is being able to tell the difference... and that part will always be a struggle... but thats what has to happen to survive it.

"An Odd Perspective"

    I have a certain picture of myself (taken obviously by someone else) from the Second Annual Cataclysm Provisions LLC camping trip which was held last year.
    The picture is me holding up the book 1984 by George Orwell which i had just won as a prize (think it was second or third place) for an event that was held there. (GREAT book by the way ). I mention it because I had some time back copied it to my pictures on my play station 3.
    I have actually been using it as my play stations home screen wallpaper. Mainly just because I thought it was halfway decent picture of myself in my own opinion, and that's rare... but mainly I like the background.  I think that campsite is amazing. A good friend I see far to little of's Van and tent are in the picture behind me... as well as a target from the spear-throwing competition we just had when the picture was taken. And I can see my woods. No roads or other civilized bull crap to mess up the pristine-ness of that one frame.
    When I sit in this room all winter in the middle of suburbia miles from my woods... from my friends... and from my trails... with all the traffic sounds around me and neighbors right outside my windows... and Im far in exile from what will always to me be my true home... this picture takes me to that happy time.
    I can even see the Joy and elation and relief on my own face, as though I am Basking in every moment and word and memory I knew I was making in that seldom occurring social outing. For me the worst part of those things is always when they end. And yeah... I KNOW how extremely Tacky and over-analyzed that all sounds... but It doesn't bother me to put it out there anyway.
    I AM Tacky and over-analytical and I LIKE that about myself, so anyone is free to poke fun at me over it all they wish... I could care less and at the end of the day... doesn't THAT just stick a BIG monkey wrench in the "Fun" you would be having at my expense if you do?
    Honestly that's more information than i needed to give to make my point... but in that is its own point, now I will get back to my main premise dealing with the fact of having this as my wallpaper.
    Point being since I put it there, aside from lifting my spirits a bit when I turn the PS3 on for the reasons I just stated, i hadn't ever payed much more attention to it. but then Tonight It dawned on me.
    I turned the PS3 on after watching t.v. a while and flipped the channel over to "Video 1" and there I was... large as Life on my own T.V. just as surely as one of those famous people in the sitcom i had just watched and all i did was turn the channel! (lol)
     THAT'S when It dawned on me that if I'M on my T.V., And actors are FAMOUS because THEY are on T.V. ... then at least in this room right now I MUST be FAMOUS ALSO! HA!!!
     Heck I'M SO FAMOUS that my exposure is CONSTANT and has its OWN channel!!! HA HA!!! !!!
     And all I Had to do was stand there and SMILE for the CAMERA!!! HA HA HA!!!  
    Whats my point? Point is you can be as happy as you set your mind to be in this life. The world is Yours, shape it. Don't like it the way it is? Change your angle and look at it from another point of view. and above all... put a picture of yourself as a wallpaper on some device... heck ALL your devices... and especially your T.V. ... and Wallah!!! YOU can be FAMOUS TOO!!! HA HA HA HA!!! !!!
(or just but again... whats the difference between famous in your own home and nuts? Change the angle.)
     Just a little story and a funny thought by yours truly, The FAMOUS (or J.D.. Woodsman, Caretaker, Storyteller, Comedian, Nut-Job... and now Famous T.V. star. (well... at least on ONE T.V. and ONE Channel in ONE house

Thoughts on Christianity... Part One

    Watching a show about Christ on the history Channel. Just happened to be on when I turned the T.V. on. First thing that Jumps out at me... They are Talking about what motivated Jesus to become a religious leader in his own right following the beheading of John the Baptist.
    The Irony in these shows is noteworthy. First off... John the Baptist, the radical Idealist who Lost his head because he believed the church, sacrifices, and their traditional methods of intermediation with god where unnecessary. All you Needed was to get wet... get out in nature and bath in natural waters, and repent and TRY to be close to god... and god will come to you. Irony? The Baptist church which is founded in his name... which does practice baptism... but usually in a sink basin inside the church (though not always)... and then weekly church services and donations (which was the opposite of Johns teachings).
     Anyway there is an even bigger irony. Namely that Jesus was a member of, and looked upon as a leader for, the Lower poor class of his day. That class NEEDED a leader and was seeking a revolution of the time to free them. Religious freedom was a Large Part of that, but an even larger part, the greatest atrocity they had to face that motivated them to follow Jesus and his disciples and others like them at the time... was the fact of practical necessity for the Lower class.
    The program stated that Romans had Taxed every person a "Head Tax"... a tax just to exist... which was around 12% of anything they earned. They also Had to pay a "LAND Tax" to own property... around 18%. By the time their taxes where due each year 30% of their earnings went to the state of Rome. The only option to this was death or imprisonment or enslavement. Add in the fact that because of this strain on their all ready meager income's...most were also in various amounts of debt just to survive and the Largest portion of what was the Largest class of the population (the poor) was living in a state of barely subsisting... All of their Labors went to pay for the comforts and excess's of the small upper class who wielded absolute power and influence over them. Hence all of these people were desperate. Desperate for a miracle. Desperate for a Leader. Desperate for any sign of Hope.
     Irony? The program talks about these ancient people Like they were different than us today... and they aren't. Granted we don't have a "Head Tax" today... but then again... that's exactly what mandatory health insurance and other such programs ARE in effect. You have to pay just to exist in this Land. Still today OVER 30% of the average income goes to Taxes, Especially in the Lower classes where its hardest to afford. Today we think the poor is NOT our Largest class... and we say the "Middle" class now has that distinction... so it must be different.
     Its NOT. "Middle class" is nothing but a Mis-nomer. A new fancy word we have given to people who were in the same state back when... and simply still called "Poor"... not AS poor... but beneath the upper ruling class. Today's middle class lives in debt and subsistence Just the same as the "wealthier" poor of back then.
    Heck I could divide that class in half and call them "Upper and Lower" middle class... would it be any difference for the people I am talking about or change the quality of their life? No. They didn't CALL this group of people middle class back then... but we didn't invent the class and the people in it... we just renamed it and used the name to further divide a people and play them off against each other.
    IF you think that as middle class you are NOT poor... subtract your annual DEBT from your annual earnings... THEN factor in taxes... and see what, if you had to pay it all back THIS YEAR... you would have left... and trust me... for most of you anyway... your still JUST as poor as MY broke ass in the Lower class. only difference is your probably working twice as hard as me to maintain what you have... and your usually loosing ground with every major life event that happens to you.
    The combination of debt and taxes was and STILL IS the mechanism used by that elite few from the days of Jesus and Rome... and on back... that STILL exists today. The "Haves" and the "Have Nots"... that has always been the only two classes of people, and people will NEVER be equal under the Yoke of an oppressive upper class. What astonishes me is how clear and matter of fact this is on the "History" channel... in Hind site... but we always think "Things are different now"... even in the face of stark evidence to the contrary.
    Our Taxes and debts are as bad today in America as they were then in ancient Rome... and we FORGET that it was the separation of the classes and the huge gaps in between that caused Romes downfall. Meanwhile Jesus, contrary to his own teachings, has been relegated to religion and only viewed for his esoteric interactions and dieing for our sins... because if we saw him for what he was... as a leader of PEOPLE who dreamed of a land for the people FREE from oppressive financial and religious rule of church and state in THIS life... well... now that's dangerous to the elite who still control things.
    If all his followers followed THAT teaching... the riches of the rich would now be viewed as shameful, not something to strive for. Every dollar in their possession is an opportunity they have wasted to help someone in need who has less. There would be equality... and those who seek to rule and control others would be viewed as the LOWEST form of person, instead of the HIGHEST.
    Jesus stood in defiance of the state and priesthood. Now the state and priesthood have corrupted his teachings (and Johns) to actually APPEAR to be in THEIR favor... and the population as a whole remains In bondage and servitude for these few "Elite" people. Christ has been relegated to after-life now... not for our benefit as most believe...
    Though that may well also have been part of his purpose on the cross... that purpose had its time and was not his only purpose in LIFE...but because that DIS-EMPOWERED him to change THIS world By relegating him to the next. It ENCOURAGES us to accept our yoke of servitude and not to fight it. And the worst part is... we can always see it in hind sight... some of us... some of the time. However we so often Fail to see the continuity and what it means for our own equality and well being in THIS day and time.
    There are undoubtedly those who will consider these words of mine as misconstruing the christian faith, or perhaps discrediting it... but that's not my intention. What I AM saying... is that that very thing has happened all ready... many times over.
    I believe questioning the church and considering the actual LIFE of Jesus does him AND his true follwers more than it discredits them.
    Its also said he died for our sins... though to me that whole section of scripture reads much more like he died BECAUSE of the sins of his followers. That the Romans put him on that cross was one thing. That the people, even his own followers, cowered in fear before Rome and let him STAY on that cross was the death of him.
    It is also said he was resurrected on the third day, and that he was the only begotten son of god. These things may be true and they may not... it matters not to me. I don't NEED a resurrection to reinforce my faith in him. He doesn't HAVE to be the only begotten to me to be a child of god... and I believe from my understanding of his teachings, we are ALL brothers and sisters in Christ... and we are ALL the children of a Loving god. so there is no need to... even possibly false and extremely self serving to the upper class to try to... think of him as the "Only begotten".
    I Love him for his teachings. His parentage is not important to me. in his own words he was the "Son of Man"... and to me that doesn't limit him in ANY way. Believing we are not capable of obtaining his highest ideals and wishes for us because we are "Lesser" than he is a discredit to me to his real teachings... that man could live in equality. That no state or church should excerpt undue power over them. That people should not be taxed for their existence by people who have no responsibility or claim TO that existence, for it comes from God... not man. I believe Jesus does NOT carry me through this world... but in my heart... I believe I carry HIM. That he showed me an ideal for which I AM capable of striving for and MAYBE one day obtaining in my own life... and that COULD exist here on earth for ALL mankind. \
    This is what Christ means to me... right or wrong... that's my opinion. It was an auspicious manner in which I MOUNTED this particular SOAPBOX... but I am glad I found a way and opportunity to express these ideas... even if it took a spark from a tiny piece of perceived irony in a re-run show on the History channel to get me started. I feel I am following in his footsteps right now in a small way. I am taking this opportunity to spread MY "teachings", (my ideas), in the name of equality and freedom for the oppressed masses of MY time... just as he did in his... though in my own "less perfect" way. Of course... just Like he was... I'll probably be Labeled as a nut-job for this (nothing new if not labeled an outright danger to society... and a blasphemer... but what the hell. If it was good enough for him....
    Anyway... I am far from a perfect person. I'm just a poor man with a lot of big opinions. I don't think I'm special just because I think I see some aspect of Christianity other Christians don't see (though right or wrong... I DO think I AM special... Just as I think that about each of you who read these words... and indeed EVERY person IS special). Nor do I think it matters.
    Other people can judge my worth in the context of history, and I doubt it will weigh much... but if anything I can do in this life opens even one persons eyes to the truth... even if it isn't the truth I THINK it is... then my time was well spent in my opinion... so for what its worth...
    This is me, Jason (J.D.) Aaron Dennison. This is, in part at least, who I am and some of the foundations of my beliefs. Take it or leave it... for what its worth. No-one needs die for my belief. No wars need fought just because I say so.
    That isn't to say they aren't as dangerous as any other belief... maybe more so... because they could lead to that very thing as I doubt the self-serving upper class will EVER release us the people from our bondage and servitude peacefully... but I encourage any one who wishes to enact these beliefs to seek out every possible peaceful means...
    Irony is... the "self served upper class" that has "benefited" form the status quo all this time... while all the benefit in this life has been theirs... if the afterlife is to be believed... it is actually THEY who are the poorest of us all. Those who serve to use material worth at the cost of others to obtain the value of separating people that they may be "glorified" here on earth only serve to taint their name before god.
    It is GODS plan... if meant to be at all... in that it was set in motion by the very act of creation like all things... and all their efforts to glorify themselves and delay the freedom of man also hold themselves in servitude to the "trappings of their power". They suffer their wealth spiritually as surely as they benefit.
    I believe one day our species will obtain enough knowledge to realize the foolishness of our ways... and only when that time is right and we as a people are READY for something better will we ever attempt to truly strive for equality. Surely it will be a rough process... and many will suffer in the beginning for it. That is the way of all worthwhile things anyway. But THAT suffering which will also be senseless but probably inevitable because there will be those who resist equality.
    However, until there IS NO rich or poor... no separation of classes and no human and structural barriers being placed between us and our Lord... And more each other... Until then I think Jesus was right. A camel will squeeze through the eye of a needle before a rich man enters heaven. Even on earth... they will be hated... and the cost of their wealth will be great on them as well as the people they oppress. THERE is the peaceful incentive through which... through education and enlightenment... things MAY change. No-one needs die for this belief... though Many WILL die for the Lack of it.
    THAT is MY opinion. and all that from about five minuets worth of a show on the history channel... and thirty five years worth of thought... and I typed throughout the entire rest of the hour long

A Comment on sporting events and thier resulting after parties

I think if we could get the same turn out in protest of injustice as we do these ball games, we MIGHT be living in a better world. But when I consider the fact that people's rights are publicly trampled on daily, and every one's like "well what can you do"... but let there favorite team loose some ball game and THEN everyone is ready to fight... each OTHER... over something as retarded as what jersey they happen to be wearing or team THEY root for, as so often happens at these things.... I mean for goodness sake. Thats the world we live in sadly... speak out about illegal checkpoints, our own government detaining, torturing, and for all we know executing Law abiding citizens under suspicion of terrorist activities without probable cause, or to organize people to protest some other atrocity being committed... and its nearly impossible. but let EITHER team loose a supposedly peaceful ballgame, and before long there's a riot in the streets... and then we wonder why our freedoms are disappearing. I just hope this one doesn't turn violent like that like so many have before it... because that's the kind of behavior that makes me embarrassed to count myself among the human race. I have nothing against the games themselves, even though I am not a fan myself... or the after parties for that matter... the peaceful, non disruptive ones anyway... but for crying out load go HOME and have your parties, or some other public venue if you choose... but DON'T crowd into the streets, disrupt traffic and the peace for all the citizens in the houses AROUND these people who could honestly care less about the game. That's just basic respect. I know I'm coming off as a stick in the mud, and people HATE it when you criticize their sports or how they celebrate them... but I can't help the fact that that is my opinion... and I'm sticking to it. I won't point it out EVERY time I see a post like this... but I feel its important to do so at least from time to time. I hate to go negative... but respect for peoples rights isn't only in favor of the fans... the people that have to here all this shit and have to walk twelve blocks just to get from their car to their house have as much rights to live in peace as the fans have to celebrate. Also I'm not a fan of where these peoples priorities are at either... but that's more a personal opinion.

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