"An Odd Perspective"

    I have a certain picture of myself (taken obviously by someone else) from the Second Annual Cataclysm Provisions LLC camping trip which was held last year.
    The picture is me holding up the book 1984 by George Orwell which i had just won as a prize (think it was second or third place) for an event that was held there. (GREAT book by the way ). I mention it because I had some time back copied it to my pictures on my play station 3.
    I have actually been using it as my play stations home screen wallpaper. Mainly just because I thought it was halfway decent picture of myself in my own opinion, and that's rare... but mainly I like the background.  I think that campsite is amazing. A good friend I see far to little of's Van and tent are in the picture behind me... as well as a target from the spear-throwing competition we just had when the picture was taken. And I can see my woods. No roads or other civilized bull crap to mess up the pristine-ness of that one frame.
    When I sit in this room all winter in the middle of suburbia miles from my woods... from my friends... and from my trails... with all the traffic sounds around me and neighbors right outside my windows... and Im far in exile from what will always to me be my true home... this picture takes me to that happy time.
    I can even see the Joy and elation and relief on my own face, as though I am Basking in every moment and word and memory I knew I was making in that seldom occurring social outing. For me the worst part of those things is always when they end. And yeah... I KNOW how extremely Tacky and over-analyzed that all sounds... but It doesn't bother me to put it out there anyway.
    I AM Tacky and over-analytical and I LIKE that about myself, so anyone is free to poke fun at me over it all they wish... I could care less and at the end of the day... doesn't THAT just stick a BIG monkey wrench in the "Fun" you would be having at my expense if you do?
    Honestly that's more information than i needed to give to make my point... but in that is its own point, now I will get back to my main premise dealing with the fact of having this as my wallpaper.
    Point being since I put it there, aside from lifting my spirits a bit when I turn the PS3 on for the reasons I just stated, i hadn't ever payed much more attention to it. but then Tonight It dawned on me.
    I turned the PS3 on after watching t.v. a while and flipped the channel over to "Video 1" and there I was... large as Life on my own T.V. just as surely as one of those famous people in the sitcom i had just watched and all i did was turn the channel! (lol)
     THAT'S when It dawned on me that if I'M on my T.V., And actors are FAMOUS because THEY are on T.V. ... then at least in this room right now I MUST be FAMOUS ALSO! HA!!!
     Heck I'M SO FAMOUS that my exposure is CONSTANT and has its OWN channel!!! HA HA!!! !!!
     And all I Had to do was stand there and SMILE for the CAMERA!!! HA HA HA!!!  
    Whats my point? Point is you can be as happy as you set your mind to be in this life. The world is Yours, shape it. Don't like it the way it is? Change your angle and look at it from another point of view. and above all... put a picture of yourself as a wallpaper on some device... heck ALL your devices... and especially your T.V. ... and Wallah!!! YOU can be FAMOUS TOO!!! HA HA HA HA!!! !!!
(or just nuts...lol but again... whats the difference between famous in your own home and nuts? Change the angle.)
     Just a little story and a funny thought by yours truly, The FAMOUS (or infamous...lol) J.D.. Woodsman, Caretaker, Storyteller, Comedian, Nut-Job... and now Famous T.V. star. (well... at least on ONE T.V. and ONE Channel in ONE house anyway...lol).

Jason A. Dennison (J.D.)

Jason A. Dennison (J.D.)
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