"Why is my Address on my Drivers License?"

I wonder... why is there an address on my drivers license? Its required I know that it be there and be up to date... but why

is it there and why is it required? Why do I have to show a cop where I live to show him I am legally licensed to operate my

automobile? Why do I have to own rent or lease property and have that address to be able to drive a car legally... if I know

how to drive and I have a car? Does this mean it is illegal to drive a car and be homeless? If a Homeless person living out

of their car tried to renew their license...and could not provide an address... would they be denied? would that not cost

them their transportation AND potentially their only shelter? I can positively be identified by my license number, my name,

my photo... for some reason there is a whole list of a description of things I can change any time like hair and eye color.

Why on earth do they need my mailing address for a drivers license? To know where to send renewal reminders? The renewal date

is ON the CARD!. I get a reminder every time I look at it... which is every time I buy alcohol, cigarettes, speak with a cop

for any reason at all... or purchase anything that requires age verification. And why have I never heard any one else wonder

about this before? WHY is there an address on my DRIVERS license... only time i NEED a drivers license... I'M NOT AT HOME!!!

Jason A. Dennison (J.D.)

Jason A. Dennison (J.D.)
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