"Immediate Safety"

When First confronted with a survival situation, The first thing to do always is to ASSESS your personal SAFETY within that time and space.In order to react to save your Life, you must first determine what the threat IS that you need to react to. First and foremost... NEVER PANIC. Panic Kills... simple as that. Never react BEFORE you know what the threat is... and never REACT until you KNOW what you need to accomplish. Doing any of these would be completely ANTI-survival!
Determine the presence or absence of threats to your safety and well-being within and from your surroundings. Scan All around, using ALL of your sense's. Look, Smell, Listen, Feel, taste... even sense for any uneasy feelings or spine tingles that could indicate a threat is near you.

Always start scanning closest to you, scanning all around... then out a little further... then a little further... and so on. The most immediate dangers are often (but NOT always) with in 3 feet... which is also your best effective range for self-defense hand combat techniques if required.

Determine Fight or Flight. The best rule here is to fight if the danger is within 3 feet and CAN be fought, such as a wild animal bearing down for example, and there is no choice but to do so. If you ARE required to act against such a threat, it should be done the moment you identify the need... without hesitation, and with creating an escape path to Safety as a primary goal, and lethal or severely injuring techniques are the best tools to accomplish it.

A note on retreating to safety: be it after fighting to create an "escape" path... or from an oncoming overwhelming force, as soon as ANY threat is identified... the next thing that MUST be determined is WHERE SAFETY IS.

Sometimes there IS NO such PLACE, and you MUST fight for domination to survive and escape your current environment, but usually you can find a place with enough distance or obstruction, concealment or fortification where you could relocate to and be AWAY from the presence of the threat. Sometimes if it's just a single animal or attacker... you Kill it, and Safety is where you stood all along. Other times you have to create an escape or just flee all together, and safety may be 3 feet to the left, or on the other side of the nearest Mountain Range.

However you Must identify this place in the presence of danger, and what it will take to get you there, and focus on it Like a problem and NOT stop until you "solve it" and find yourself in a safe Location. You must find it to be effective in combat at creating an escape route (the goal of fighting should ALWAYS be to STOP fighting!) and to even be able to consider long-term survival needs. Short Term survival ALWAYS Trumps Long term. Without short-term survival... there can be NO Long term survival. Specific defense tactics will be discussed in a later addition.

Something else worth mention, while discussing threats like animal and people attacks and even natural disasters. It helps to identify threats AND to know how to react to them by categorizing them by type based on WHERE specifically the threat is COMING from.

An Immediate Type threat COULD come from:

*A Human Attacker (within 3 feet or possessing a fire arm or other long distance weapon would be "immediate")

*An aggressive or poisonous animal or insect (depending on the animal or insect, anywhere from 1/16th of an inch to twenty feet could be considered an "immediate" threat)

*The Ground (treacherous footing, sinkholes, quicksand, Land Mines, anything but good old solid terra firma could be considered an immediate threat. Also it should be STILL... If it's shaking you may have need of some form of shelter. If ONLY the part you are standing on is shaking... MOVE!)

*The Air (Poor oxygen supply, presence of gasses or chemicals or radiation, fluctuations in barometric pressure)

*The weather (Hyperthermia, Hypothermia, High winds, High water or waves, Flash floods, Lightning, sand storms... ect...)

*Natural Or Man Made Disasters (These could include anything from a dangerously close volcanic eruption to a potential for collapse of the building you are in due to rot, damage, or poor construction, or even approaching gunfire and explosions. And yes, I consider War to be a man mad disaster.)

*Bleeding wounds, breaks or infections. (Don't underestimate these or just "assume" they would be self-evident. You would be AMAZED at how much the body can be damaged without the mind realizing it if the adrenaline is flowing... and the resulting euphoria would make you feel like you were "just fine"... so it's always important to assess your body for damage as soon as possible.
Don't just LOOK for cuts and possible fractures... but FEEL for them. Rub your whole body, periodically checking your hands for blood smears. Again don't just look... Lick your palm if you have any doubt. If it tastes like iron... there is blood there. Sometimes it isn't possible to see, and even when it is at times the eyes can play tricks... so never trust them alone. Always use a second sense to confirm, not just in survival, but in ALL things... before you accept any idea as an actually fact of reality.

Also put weight on everything that is ment to hold weight and see that it does. Stretch every which way, bend and flex every joint and be SURE every thing works... nothing is missing... and nothing is leaking. Maybe even take a moment to listen for your heart beat, feel your pulse... or focus on breathing in and out... just to be sure you are really alive. No point wasting time surviving if you are dead all ready...

Then check again for any older wounds that may be infected, and take note of any internal symptoms you may be feeling like nausea or headache, as all of these will need to be dealt with. In the wild even the mildest illness or infection can be lethal if left untreated, and will hinder your performance at survival in the mean time.)

If ANY of these threats can be identified... it is important to move to safety as soon as possible. Fight or Flight... either way do what you MUST to get to a time and place where NO immediate threats can be identified. You will STILL be in the open and in the wild most likely, so this place isn't necessarily going to be TOTALLY safe, as new threats could always approach, but you will at least be safe in the present tense... which is always the FIRST thing to look for. This spot will now be known as your Preliminary safety zone.

Obviously the first quality it should have is the absence of any immediate threats to your safety or well-being. Aside from that, it should be well concealed from threats that may be passing by... not out in the middle of a field or sky-lined on a hill-top if you could help it. The half way point up the side of a long ridge which stretches a while each way would be ideal for this, as you are not skylined, have a decently Long field of view if the hillside is big enough, with equal reaction time to threats both above and below... and hopefully with a good long-range field of view in all directions to see approaching threats at as great a distance (i.e. with as much reaction time) as possible.
If that can't be found... try to find a spot that has similar qualities of both ranged view and close in concealment. If the spot also has natural or discarded man-made resources you may be able to scavenge from... even better.

Also be wary of the time spent looking for a spot, and the exposure that comes from your movements. Stay as quiet and concealed as possible as you move, and follow the path of least resistance (Unless you think you may be being followed by some one or thing perceived to be a threat... in which case following the path of GREATER resistance can help make your movements unpredictable while also placing difficult obstacles where ever possible between your self and the pursuer.

Remember this is a temporary spot, and it doesn't have to be perfect. Just be sure you are safe in the present. You can deal with every thing else from there.

"First Priorities and Inventory"

Now you have found your preliminary safety zone, and you are away from any threats. The natural tendency in this moment is reflection. This is the point in time where you try to determine HOW you arrived in this situation. Put that aside as fast as you can. If you can connect the dots and figure it out... great... but if not... move on. All that really matters now is that you ARE in this situation. This DID happen... no... this IS happening!

Remember you are probably still not sheltered and the longer you waste trying to dwell in the past, The less likely you are to remain safe in the present for very long. You need to think fast... and get moving. But before charging out into the unknown wild... you need some planning.
First you will need to do a quick inventory. It is difficult to know WHAT you are capable of accomplishing until you know WHAT you have to work with. It may seem like a waste of time in this situation... no survival kit, backpack... nothing but the clothes on your back... whats to count... you have nothing... right?...

Wrong! No Matter how little you bring with you... there is always an inventory to be done. First and foremost... Make note of your MIND! THIS will be the most POWERFUL tool you could hope to bring into ANY survival situation... and you are lost without it. You need it Calm, Sane, Rational, Cold and Calculating if you are going to make it through this more than two days.
Make a mental promise to yourself right now... say it out load if you must... you WILL keep your mind WITH YOU at ALL TIMES!!! NEVER let emotion or panic interfere with your survival. Some times in Life they have their purpose, and you can enjoy them again IF you live to see civilization again... but when Survival is at stake... these are Just Burdens. They and the actions they produce are ANTI SELF SURVIVAL... and by making this covenant with yourself now... you are telling yourself to put your emotions in CHECK!

Now we can go on with the rest of the inventory... the same way we scanned for danger before... from closest to furthest. What do you have to work with? Good lungs and heart? Strong legs? Two good feet for walking and running? Strength in your arms and hands to manipulate other objects? Two Amazing Hands with the dexterity to perform intricate tasks combined with the strength to power through obstacles?

Do you have clothes on? make a FULL inventory of ANY clothing or footwear... right down to the individual components each item is MADE out of! They are great for clothes of course, but if need for something else is greater... ANY piece of cloth, string, plastic, metal, rubber, glass... even the tiniest piece of thread could be invaluable at some point down the road to serve a greater function than its original design.

Also make Note of when you believe you ate, drank, and slept last. This is also a great time to relieve yourself if you feel a need to go by the way, which you probably do depending on what you may have had to escape from to get to this spot... if anything... and if you hadn't gone in the process.
While your at it... inventory the ground around you... are there sticks? rocks? Trash? anything useful? what about in the area further out around you that you can see from here?

Priority time. First comes defense. If you had to fight to get this far... you all ready know why. If Not... then because you may have to at any time... and doing it barehanded is a LAST resort. There is no telling what is waiting to kill you out there. You need a weapon. It doesn't need to be elaborate right now, you can fashion better stuff later... but anything is better than bare hands.
A broken stick with a sharp end is a tool you will want right away if you can find it. A stone with a sharp edge is also a great find, or a piece of sharp metal or glass can be even better. A Large, Blunt medium sized stone with a little weight to it Can be used like a palm gripped hammer stone or even thrown at threats and ALWAYS grab ANY cordage you can locate, as it is great for lashing and making slings, bows, and even traps. Also keep a close eye out for anything you can later use as a container.

Your next priority should be shelter. You need a place to make camp. You can't sort out everything right away, and things like hunger and thirst and such don't kill right off. Threatening animals, nature, the weather... and other such things CAN kill right off. First and foremost you need a safe place to escape these things. Food and water are priorities also, but they can be searched for along the way... we need to go to a good shelter location.

Look around you. Scan the horizon until your eyes fixate on the tallest place near you that you can get to... a hilltop... building... treetop... and head towards it. You are going to look for shelter, but you need to know which way to go, as well as what dangers lay around you, and where NOT to go.
From your high spot, make a note of dangers and obstacles to avoid in the distance, and search for any prominent landscape features that could offer good shelter locations. A ready made shelter like an abandoned building or a cave in a hillside would be perfect, but don't expect it to be that easy.

Look first for signs of water... as you will want camp as close to it as possible... just far enough away to avoid animal traffic (watering holes are hotspots for predator activity) and flooding but near enough for easy access. If you can't see water signs then go with the most promising direction (usually the greenest and most down hill) and try to find a landscape feature in that direction that would lend itself to shelter. Odds are you will have to MAKE the shelter... but look for any place where nature may have provided support or done part of the work for you.

Anytime there are trees however i recommend trying to find some that lend themselves to shelter that can keep you above ground level... and try to avoid things like holes in the ground... which can fill with water or pests or worse can be fallen into by a predator or poisonous snake. remember only a select few animals can climb... but ANY thing can fall in to a hole in the ground!
If you chose your shelter spot wisely the shelter can be made from fallen and broken off branches interwoven or stacked rock for walls and at least one or two... maybe even three walls and / or a roof will be provided by the natural landscape feature you decided to build around. Use what nature has to offer, then fill in the rest as necessary.

The shelter should cover you overhead from rain and weather and from three... preferably all four sides from wind as well as animals and intruders. It should be near food or water sources if possible. If not it will need to be relocated till it is. It should be large enough to lay down in and have enough overhead space to sit up right in a seated position. It should also contain space for a fire, or a place for one just outside... and have good smoke ventilation. If the fire is inside, there should be room to provide 3 to 4 feet between you and it when sleeping.

Again this doesn't have to be perfect. It does have to be done quickly and be JUST good enough to keep you safe from predators and sheltered from wind rain and cold and sun for one night.

"A 'Random Feral Mind'... A Re-Introduction"

After Finally getting back online after a two year hiatus, I finally came across the "Random Feral Mind" blog in my Blogger archives. Its been a long time since my last post and to my loyal readers I apologize for my absence. Real Life kinda took hold for a while when I became a live in care taker for a great friend and surrogate father figure of mine who suffered from muscular dystrophy and was confined to a wheel chair. Shortly before I arrived there my old laptop gave up the ghost and while I was there in exchange for room, board, and 60 dollars a week they threw in for good measure I could not afford to replace it. My friend Passed peacefully in his home while sleeping with all his loved ones present and with all his worldly affairs well in order several months back and since then I have finally moved back in with family while I am getting my affairs in order, I also have internet access again and I am finally getting back to my old blog. So the Random Feral Mind of Jason A. Dennison is Back On-Line!!!

I am starting off with a completely new Template and Layout to bring the site a lil more up to date. If you like it please do subscribe and you can receive e-mail notification when I add new posts and content. I hope to be adding a lot real soon, A lot has happened since I went m.i.a. so I will have a lot of stories from that time to bring everyone up to speed on I'm sure.There is all ways so much going on in the present right now also as I am very active, working a part time job and starting a small knife and tool manufacturing company in my off time from the ground up. Day to day struggles and accomplishment's are always good to generate content that... once I get started... could go to lord knows what other topics, stories, flights of fancy, ideas and deep concepts that could only come from a completely Random... extremely Feral mind!

If this is your first time here, please check out our archives. There are a lot of stories and ideas, philosophical topics, random thoughts  about religions, spirituality, politics, Humanities, nature, society, history and even original works of fiction... all from my random and sometimes probably certifiable mind. In them you will find things you agree with, things your opposed to, things that make you stop and think or something that will inspire you or simply make you laugh. I hope you feel uplifted and entertained while you are here and that you take everything in this blog with a grain of salt and a good sense of humor.

Maybe not everything in these pages will be agreeable to you. I can almost guarantee in fact you can find plenty of things in my mind that you find highly disagreeable. It won't take a lot of work to find things like that... If you have a mind to seek them out. That said however... what can I say... not every post can be a gem. lol. But if you have an open mind... and care to look, I sincerely hope that it will also be easy for you to find SOME thing in all these random topics and ideas that you can agree with, feel uplifted by, be INSPIRED by or just genuinely connect with on a very person level.

If you care to read it... you will see me here. For who I am, for better or worse. Raw, often uncensored, honest. How I talk and come across and think and portray my SELF in this blog is NO different than who I am in real life. I don't pretend to be Mr. Popular in real life... I am not out to win a popularity contest in this blog. If people online respond favorably and these pages reach a lot of people, I would be very proud to know that. If it stays a small but highly personal blog with a small but loyal circle of friends... What can I say? It would only match that much more as a direct representation for how I conduct my own, real life.... and I would have no disappointment in THAT what so ever. I am what I am. I Hope you enjoy your time here. . .

Feel free to comment on anything you like. subscribe or don't subscribe. If you have ideas of things you would like to see me talk about or want information I can reasonably provide, have an issue or complaint, or a suggestion for how I could improve my site or its contents you can feel free to contact me and I have taken great care to ensure this site provides you with all the necessary tools to do so and receive a quick response. when posting or commenting within the site... please be respectful to others.

This Blog is:

This Blog is... in fact, nothing more than a personal Journal, written by me, the author, as a resource in which I can record my own personal thoughts, feelings, and beliefs... both practical and religious and merely passing flights of fancy. Here I will post Opinions, which are my own and represent me as a Human being and nothing else. I may also include factual information as well as opinions from time to time... and also musings, stories both literal and metaphorical AND when specified completely fictional if I have a mind to. In fact no level of my personal thoughts or beliefs is restricted here. However it IS a public Blog and anyone is free to read the content here-in at any time, and do so with the full consent of the author. If I wanted to restrict this to a private access blog... I would have.

    That being said, the author of this Blog is very opinionated, and often very unusual in my approach to things. I question everything and while I am not above quoting someone else if I feel the topic calls for it, usually I stick solely with my own thoughts and idea's, so only time a quote will be used it will be in quotations and there will be a practical need for its presence to state the idea I am trying to convey at the time. I have no interest in rewording something if someone has all ready said it better that I feel I am capable.

   This Blog, as I said, is very much a personal Journal, the kind of thing usually reserved by people to their private lives.

     I, However, being a writer by nature and having no shame or qualms towards exhibitionism of my most private and personal beliefs, thoughts, and musings... I have no problem with making these things public. By doing so... perhaps my opinions will have influence beyond the scope of my own mind. If there is a story to tell, or a lesson that could be learned that I THINK may be beneficial to someone else or the general public... I will not shy away from any topic, or censor myself in ANY way. So readers Beware.

    Readers Beware that you read this Blog at your own discretion. Half the time I may not even be aware myself as to the meaning and purpose of the Blog as I write... to me it doesn't have one in particular. It is whatever I need it to be to vent my intellect when I need it.

    That being said... reading this blog in its entirety will enlighten one as to who I am and how I think to a very great extent, even on the most personal and deepest levels as well as the superficial ones... and I wish for all readers to treat it accordingly. The information here-in is the opinions of ONE man. The content, unless otherwise clearly stated in the text, is in entirely the sole property of the author, Jason (J.D.) Aaron Dennison.

    You may agree with me on some things I say, and have disagreement with other things... or you may LOVE the entirety of the way I think... or you may HATE it. Those impressions and decisions are left to your own discretion.

    It is not my intention to BE offensive or DISRESPECT contradicting opinions... which have just as much right to exist as my own... but this IS who I am as a person, and resultingly I will always stand by these opinions, be they offensive to someone else or not. I do reserve the right to change my mind on any topic at any given time should adequate new information arise to convince me I should do so... but tht is solely at my own discretion and no-one else's. These beliefs are forced on no-one... but they may be used as a source of a different perspective, nothing more.

    That's not to say these opinions are permanently fixed in my mind, a good argument to the contrary on any topic MAY or MAY NOT change my opinions at any time, and if that happens... I will say so. Nothing here is final... everything is ever-evolving. However they are my true opinions as of the time they are written... and that's as far as it goes.

     I Guess  If I have ANY real true underlying intention or agenda for the contents of this blog... it is only to get people LOOKING at different perspectives... to step outside of their own box and to question anything and everything that is taken for granted whenever they encounter it. To Understand that there are no simple little unimportant things in this grand thing called creation... that everything depends on everything else... and all of this is subject to different perspectives at all times. There is no one world as we know it... but many... many worlds all overlapping and interacting with each other... always creating new things and destroying the old ways.. desperately trying to all co-exist. I hope for people to set aside their misunderstandings... their fears... their taboo topics and to stop being ashamed to ask questions. To fearlessly discuss anything and everything... and to strive to make a better understanding of how peoples different worlds interact so they can do so with less barrier and more freedom to adapt to this ever changing problem solving exercise we call life.

    This page is to also serve as a "disclaimer" in an effort to appease offended parties by the often controversial views I express on a regular basis. They are in fact controversial very often... and I make no apologies for that. If they weren't, they would not much be worth discussing now would they? My point is... if my opinions are disrespectful or disagreeable to your own... Tough. No-one here is going to restrict your right to have or state your own opinions or belief's... so don't try to disrespect or limit mine. If you don't like it... don't follow it. But don't shut it down just because your uncomfortable with a topic... the conversation will ensue rather you are comfortable with it or not... and no amount of taboo discomfort will unwrite what has all ready been written and layed out on the table.

Jason A. Dennison (J.D.)

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