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This Blog is... in fact, nothing more than a personal Journal, written by me, the author, as a resource in which I can record my own personal thoughts, feelings, and beliefs... both practical and religious and merely passing flights of fancy. Here I will post Opinions, which are my own and represent me as a Human being and nothing else. I may also include factual information as well as opinions from time to time... and also musings, stories both literal and metaphorical AND when specified completely fictional if I have a mind to. In fact no level of my personal thoughts or beliefs is restricted here. However it IS a public Blog and anyone is free to read the content here-in at any time, and do so with the full consent of the author. If I wanted to restrict this to a private access blog... I would have.

    That being said, the author of this Blog is very opinionated, and often very unusual in my approach to things. I question everything and while I am not above quoting someone else if I feel the topic calls for it, usually I stick solely with my own thoughts and idea's, so only time a quote will be used it will be in quotations and there will be a practical need for its presence to state the idea I am trying to convey at the time. I have no interest in rewording something if someone has all ready said it better that I feel I am capable.

   This Blog, as I said, is very much a personal Journal, the kind of thing usually reserved by people to their private lives.

     I, However, being a writer by nature and having no shame or qualms towards exhibitionism of my most private and personal beliefs, thoughts, and musings... I have no problem with making these things public. By doing so... perhaps my opinions will have influence beyond the scope of my own mind. If there is a story to tell, or a lesson that could be learned that I THINK may be beneficial to someone else or the general public... I will not shy away from any topic, or censor myself in ANY way. So readers Beware.

    Readers Beware that you read this Blog at your own discretion. Half the time I may not even be aware myself as to the meaning and purpose of the Blog as I write... to me it doesn't have one in particular. It is whatever I need it to be to vent my intellect when I need it.

    That being said... reading this blog in its entirety will enlighten one as to who I am and how I think to a very great extent, even on the most personal and deepest levels as well as the superficial ones... and I wish for all readers to treat it accordingly. The information here-in is the opinions of ONE man. The content, unless otherwise clearly stated in the text, is in entirely the sole property of the author, Jason (J.D.) Aaron Dennison.

    You may agree with me on some things I say, and have disagreement with other things... or you may LOVE the entirety of the way I think... or you may HATE it. Those impressions and decisions are left to your own discretion.

    It is not my intention to BE offensive or DISRESPECT contradicting opinions... which have just as much right to exist as my own... but this IS who I am as a person, and resultingly I will always stand by these opinions, be they offensive to someone else or not. I do reserve the right to change my mind on any topic at any given time should adequate new information arise to convince me I should do so... but tht is solely at my own discretion and no-one else's. These beliefs are forced on no-one... but they may be used as a source of a different perspective, nothing more.

    That's not to say these opinions are permanently fixed in my mind, a good argument to the contrary on any topic MAY or MAY NOT change my opinions at any time, and if that happens... I will say so. Nothing here is final... everything is ever-evolving. However they are my true opinions as of the time they are written... and that's as far as it goes.

     I Guess  If I have ANY real true underlying intention or agenda for the contents of this blog... it is only to get people LOOKING at different perspectives... to step outside of their own box and to question anything and everything that is taken for granted whenever they encounter it. To Understand that there are no simple little unimportant things in this grand thing called creation... that everything depends on everything else... and all of this is subject to different perspectives at all times. There is no one world as we know it... but many... many worlds all overlapping and interacting with each other... always creating new things and destroying the old ways.. desperately trying to all co-exist. I hope for people to set aside their misunderstandings... their fears... their taboo topics and to stop being ashamed to ask questions. To fearlessly discuss anything and everything... and to strive to make a better understanding of how peoples different worlds interact so they can do so with less barrier and more freedom to adapt to this ever changing problem solving exercise we call life.

    This page is to also serve as a "disclaimer" in an effort to appease offended parties by the often controversial views I express on a regular basis. They are in fact controversial very often... and I make no apologies for that. If they weren't, they would not much be worth discussing now would they? My point is... if my opinions are disrespectful or disagreeable to your own... Tough. No-one here is going to restrict your right to have or state your own opinions or belief's... so don't try to disrespect or limit mine. If you don't like it... don't follow it. But don't shut it down just because your uncomfortable with a topic... the conversation will ensue rather you are comfortable with it or not... and no amount of taboo discomfort will unwrite what has all ready been written and layed out on the table.

Jason A. Dennison (J.D.)

Jason A. Dennison (J.D.)
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